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A balletina  is a person who practices the art of classical ballet. Both females and males can practice ballet; however, dancers have hierarchy and strict gender roles. They rely on years of extensive training and proper technique to become a part of professional companies. Ballet dancers are at a high risk of injury due to the demanding technique of ballet. Ballet dancers begin their classes at the barre,  a wooden beam that runs along the walls of the ballet studio. Dancers  use the barre to support themselves during exercises. Barre work is  designed to warm up the body and stretch muscles to prepare for center  work, where they execute exercises without the barre. Center work in the  middle of the room starts out with slower exercises, gradually leading  up to faster exercises and larger movements. Ballet dancers finish  center work practicing big leaps across the floor which is called grande  allegro.

As a child or as a young girl
it has always been a dream
to become a ballerina

Follow your dream now
Because your fame is limitless
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